Workshops Develop some skills

On occasion Angus Wilson runs small workshops to willing students. Those who take these fun and engaging classes have a rare opportunity to learn from Angus’s unique style and approach to painting. Workshops focus on easy techniques for stronger composition and methods for pushing and developing color and color understanding.

The artists singular and dynamic approach to paint gives students a fresh and new approach from the more traditional workshop. His classes are fun and energizing with strong messages and easy to grasp concepts that allow attendees to develop and grow within their own style and ability level.

Demonstration Day

No dates currently scheduled…

Angus will invite a small group of interested artists and collectors into his studio to demonstrate his painting process.

Contact for more details.

Private Lessons

Angus also offers private one on one, or small group workshops at his home. If you are local to the bay area, contact email to express interest.

Forthcoming Workshops

Angus will be teaching a number of fun and engaging workshops in 2019 and 2020. Book now to reserve a place! Angus will teach students techniques to loosen up and break free from conventional styles and old habits. Angus will encourage simple methods to create stronger compositions, and push student’s color development and understanding.

During the workshops, Angus will teach many aspects to painting, with a particular focus on color, simplifying composition, and the importance and power of dynamic ‘under painting’.

Workshops in 2024

3.5 day ZOOM ONLINE workshop will be held on 22-25th of August, and organized with Kara Bullock Art School.  For more information on the Workshop and to book a place visit this web link , or email questions to


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